An Overview of Tsavo Trust’s Core Programs
Tsavo Trust works closely in support of the Kenya Wildlife Service, engages with specific communities bordering the protected area, and partners with several other conservation organizations focused towards four core programs.

Wildlife conservation program: Big Tusker Project
Tsavo Trust’s Wildlife Conservation Program’s Big Tusker Project (BTP) works in full collaboration with the Kenya wildlife service (KWS), other conservation partners and research partners and many individual supporters who share our enthusiasm to protect and monitor the elephant population of Tsavo with specific emphasis on the large ‘Tuskers’.

Community Conservancy Program
Tsavo Trust plays a stewardship role in developing community conservancies by partnering with communities in key locations bordering on the parks in order to address some vital issues: improve livelihoods, safety and wellbeing of marginalized communities; creating a culture of conservation and a buffer to the parks; Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation

Animal Welfare program
A small rehabilitation center provides a field-based outlet for small mammals that are orphaned or injured.

Conservation Partnerships
Encouraging the development of conservation partnerships in the Tsavo and assisting with field project implementation

Tsavo Trust recognizes the Importance of a holistic approach to biodiversity conservation. Professional wildlife conservation activities, grass-roots community engagement, valued partnerships and committed supporters combine to create a virtuous circle for the protection of Tsavo’s wilderness.

Tsavo Trust believes in conserving the vast wilderness of the Tsavo Conservation Area, that encompasses Kenya’s biggest protected area, is home to Kenya’s largest elephant population, several iconic ‘Tuskers’, Numerous high value species and one of the few truly wild places with significant wildlife left in Africa.

This National heritage is under threat and faces multiple challenges including wildlife crime, climate change and habitat loss.

Tsavo Trust works on a unique strategy, in partnership with KWS and other partners on direct wildlife conservation projects as well as engaging specific local communities in the stewardship of community conservancies, so as to encourage participation in conservation activities that bring many varying benefits to those marginalized people that border the formal protected areas.



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