Local Ocean Conservation is a private, not-for-profit organization committed to the protection of Kenya’s marine environment through the development and implementation of sustainable marine resource management models, using sea turtles as an indicator species for ecosystem health.

With over 20yrs of grass-root conservation work, they have helped pioneer community based marine conservation models, with a holistic approach to addressing the pressing challenges faced by sea turtles and the marine environment.

LOC tries to make our local ocean a better place for turtles because, as an indicator species, if the turtles are thriving, the ocean and all the those that depend on the ecosystems they visit are protected too!

Doing so ensures our local ocean continues to be a reliable and sustainable source of income, food, and pride for those whose livelihoods come from the sea - the communities themselves. Including you.

The core programmes in LOC are:
Sea Turtle Bycatch Release: Sea turtles accidentally caught in fishing gear are rescued and released back into the ocean. Most of these turtles would have been killed without this programme.

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre: Giving a second chance to sick and injured turtles is the reason why this clinic exists. Turtles with injuries or signs of illness are provided with medical attention and released back to the ocean healthy and strong.

Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring and Protection: Protecting and monitoring of nesting beaches with day and night patrols, to ensure safe nesting environment for sea turtles.

Marine Environment Education: The young generation are the future and are taught to learn and love their marine environment, to continue to protect it and make amends for what the past generation has done to destroy it. Students from primary, secondary and university are reached through this programme. 

Community development & outreach: Working closely with coastal communities and community-based organizations to educate them on the importance of sustainable utilization and most importantly that the survival of sea turtles is directly related to their livelihoods. We also assist with capacity development, alternate livelihoods and campaigning.

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