Supporting conservation groups in Africa through photography and art
Set up in response to the impacts of COVID 19, Prints for Conservation showcases photographers and artists in support of conservation. We aim to bolster and raise awareness of conservative organisations whose invaluable efforts do not receive sufficient recognition. These groups have critical roles to play in the survival of wildlife and in sustaining habitats. All are 100% donor funded and are being severely impacted by the collapse in tourism resulting from the global pandemic. (At the same time, commercial and bush meat poaching of wildlife are expected to increase in tandem with rises in unemployment.) Our photographers, have a parallel involvement in and passion for conservation. They too have been hit hard. Each limited edition image is printed on gallery quality paper and delivered to your doorstep. The cost is all inclusive, covering printing, packaging, shipping. A percentage of every sale will be donated to different conservation each month. Some of the supported conservation groups are For Rangers, Tsavo Trust, Mara Elephant Project, The Pangolin Project and Eburru Rafiki.

Our commitment to conservation

Prints for conservation donate a minimum of 20% of every sale to conservation groups. This month we are supporting Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
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